Group Excursions

The members of the Hershey Harrisburg Wine Country welcome you and your group to explore our tasting rooms in Central Pennsylvania. Many groups elect to arrive via limousines or buses. We would recommend you use our transportation partners featured on this website as they understand our group procedures and will work with us to prepare the perfect itinerary.

If you would like to build your own, please e-mail the Wine Country at with the details of your trip so we can ensure that the wineries will be ready to greet you. Also, we request you review the following guidelines to ensure that wineries, tour operators, and other individuals organizing group visits have a clear understanding as to the expectations and rules at our wineries. These policies are intended to provide pleasant and enjoyable wine tasting experiences which are safe for all including our mutual customers.

Guidelines for Groups (of 8 or more) Visiting Wineries:

1. Reservations: E-mail the Wine Country well in advance. While 2 weeks notice is preferable, any notice is better than none. This is especially important for larger groups. Unannounced group arrivals cause considerable strain on tasting room operations, which may adversely impact customers’ experiences, particularly during peak periods and seasons. The Wine Country will work to coordinate a perfect experience.

2. Keep in Touch: After your tour is confirmed, have a phone number for each winery you plan to visit. Know each tasting room’s hours and applicable tasting fees in advance. Please call the wineries to warn them if you are NOT on schedule – expect that there may be some adjustments required if your group is late.

3. Remember to Purchase Wines You Enjoy: Many of the wines you’ll taste while touring Hershey Harrisburg Wine Country are only available in the tasting rooms, so it is a good idea to purchase wines you want to take home.

Special Guidelines for the Tour Operators (Buses and Limousines):

1. Parking: Park in designated areas (if available) to avoid blocking the entrance or parking lot.

2. Be Considerate: Wineries operate under specific licenses issued by the State Liquor Control Board that allow them to provide tastings of their wines in order to generate sales. It is illegal for customers to bring outside alcohol onto winery premises. It is also illegal for wineries to serve customers who are intoxicated or not of legal drinking age. Drivers should be proactive in handling these behaviors and not drop off intoxicated individuals expecting them to be dealt with by tasting room staff.

3. Be Proactive: Inform parties (bachelor, bachelorette, etc.) and other clients in advance that they need to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at wineries.

4. Lastly: Please do not bring intoxicated or unruly clients to wineries. The illegality of serving intoxicated customers, drunkenness should not be facilitated by providing or allowing consumption of alcohol en route to wineries. Bringing intoxicated or unruly clients to wineries will result in incidents and/or conflicts that will only serve to harm both wineries’ and tour operators’ businesses.

Thank you for helping to keep our customers safe and their experiences in Wine Country fun.